The management team at Scoonie Golf Club have agreed to help spread the cost of both the council green fees and the golf clubs membership fees over a six or twelve month direct debit payment scheme. The finance will be provided by Zebra Finance and is an agreement entered into by individuals and Zebra Finance, Scoonie Golf Club is not involved in the agreement in any way.

How does it work?

First work out how much finance is required, add together this year’s trust green fees and this year’s membership fees for the appropriate categories required.

Enter the golf finance section of the Zebra Finance website and enter your details.

After you have entered the required information Zebra will quickly decide (usually in seconds) if you qualify for finance.

If you qualify you will be sent an agreement form to sign (instructions included), after sending back the form by email you will then be sent a copy of the final agreement by email followed by a printed copy a few days later in the post.

The funds will be sent to Scoonie Golf Club and they will pass on the green fees to Fife Golf Trust.

You can now enjoy another great season of competitive golf.

Because of the time delay in between applying for the golf finance and the club receiving the funds it is advised that members apply before the end of February. If applying after this time funds may be delayed into the season and you may have to wait until the funds have cleared until you could access the course.


If you require further information please contact Tom Goodsir at Scoonie Golf Club or Zebra Finance direct.

Click the link below to be redirected to the Zebra Finance site. 

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